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AI for Humanity

Hackathon 2024


Join the groundbreaking Burning Heroes AI for Humanity Hackathon, where innovative minds unite to harness artificial intelligence for the greater good. Burning Heroes, a non-profit community dedicated to fueling global startup development invites entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate and create AI-driven solutions with a profound social impact.



As AI continues to reshape our world, we're channeling its potential towards uplifting humanity. This hackathon isn't about profit – it's about impact. We're empowering participants to use technology as a force for positive change, focusing on critical social areas


Product Vision


Innovate for wellness and accessibility

Content Creation

Craft content with conscience and creativity


Bolster the communal tech landscape


Create AI solutions that go beyond the usual. Move past the ordinary by using or creating new tools and models to solve significant problems. Use your creativity and expertise to bring change to industries in need of innovation.

We aim to inspire, incubate, and ignite ideas that can scale and sustain. Imagine a simple browser plugin developed here becoming an essential tool for millions or an AI model that elevates education globally. The potential is unlimited.



From March 29 through March 31, 2024.


Hackathon will be held in Discord. The link will be provided after registration.


Levering AI for Social Good

As AI continues to reshape our world, we're channeling its potential towards uplifting humanity. This hackathon isn't about profit – it's about impact. We're empowering participants to use technology as a force for positive change, focusing on critical social areas:

Education: Revolutionize learning with AI.

Health: Innovate for wellness and accessibility.

Content Creation: Craft content with conscience and creativity.

Open Source Contributions: Bolster the communal tech landscape.

Examples of Impactful Projects

Utilize data to build Chrome extensions that enlighten and engage or contribute valuably to widely used open-source platforms. Below are inspirations to kick-start your brainstorming:

Interactive educational tools

Personalized content delivery extensions

Analytical systems for content verification

Accessible UI enhancements for diverse user needs

Real-time vandalism detection and content integrity tools

Open Source Projects to Consider

OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

Mozilla Common Voice




This hackathon is a unique opportunity for all professionals – from AI to open-source experts, from data-driven designers to social entrepreneurs. You are among the top talent in the industry if you have a passion for tech and a heart for humanity. This is your moment to network with the best, demonstrate your expertise, and create solutions that matter.

Project Advisory

It's strongly recommended that the solution:

AI Integration

Incorporate the use of AI, either through the development of a custom model or by utilizing an existing API available on the market

Social Impact Goal

Strive to achieve a substantial social impact, aiming for widespread reach and influence within the community or target audience

Open Source Contribution

Be designed to contribute to the open-source community or exist as an independent, non-commercial solution

Timeframe Compliance

Be realizable within the hackathon's event time. Projects developed before the hackathon are not allowed, emphasizing the importance of creating new solutions during the event


until  MAR 29, 2024

Apply for the competition as an individual or part of a team. Tell us about your strengths, what problems you’ve solved and what and what you can do as part of a team.

MAR 29

Opening Session on Twitch. We explain the theme of the competition,  the judging criteria, and assign mentors to the teams.

MAR 29–31

Participants work on their projects. Organizers provide mentorship and workshops to support the development process.

MAR 31

Selection of winners, announcement and awarding session on Twitch.

THE contest IS OVER

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Winning projects will receive support from the Burning Heroes community and the opportunity to showcase their work to a broad audience of potential supporters and collaborators. Additionally, a generous cash prize of $5 000 awaits the first-place winner, adding extra motivation to your impactful contributions.

Let's unite intelligence, initiative, and insight to build a brighter future for all. We can't wait to see the waves of change you'll create at the Burning Heroes AI for Humanity Hackathon 2024! Register now and be the hero our world needs.

Broad audience

$5 000 cash prize

Community support


Professor at the Center for AI and Robotics

Science Director at Deliveroo | Forbes 30 under 30

Senior Engineering Manager at ThoughtWorks

Senior Devops Engineer at Wargaming

CTO at Madison Tech LLC. Author of SwifWeb

Head of Digital Marketing Department and AI enthusiast at Trust

Senior Infrastructure Engineer at ActivSoft

Entrepreneur in Tech

Software engineer at Microsoft

Head of Engineering at Kick

QA Engineer at Yucca Digital

Product manager at TraceAir

Full Stack Software Engineer at Ness Israel

Frontend software engineer at PlayTech

Product Manager at ZoneSmart

Software Engineering Lead in Technology Consulting

Backend developer at CAE

Senior Software Engineer at Avito

Lead web developer at Innotech

Senior software engineer
at Yandex

Lead iOS Developer at Detsky Mir

CEO at EasySound  & Manager at Bona Vita

Senior Devops Engineer at Li9 Inc.

Product lead at inDrive and mentor

Teach Lead at Greentube GmbH

Senior Software Engineer at ROKO labs

Lead System Engineer at EPAM, Cloud & DevOps Expert

Head of Warehouse Management System at AliExpress

Principal Engineer at Lendistry

Software Engineer at Visa

Chief Product Engineer at Protocols Hero

Project Manager at 7Flowers

Contact contact@burningheroes.com for any questions or assistance. Transform the world with AI – one code line at a time. Your journey begins here. Join us!